Sometimes all you need is one sweet bite rather than an entire dessert. Sometimes you need two. Or four.



Mini tarts pack a big flavor. Inspired by local flavors, our tarts incorporate fresh fruits like lilikoi, mango, guava, lime, strawberry and lemon. Or choose a decadent chocolate truffle tart, with a rich, creamy filling of premium chocolate with or without fruit, or nuts, or spirits.



Perfect casual and outdoor gatherings, as well as formal occasions, cookies are a favorite for all ages.

Our featured French Macarons are customized to order and can incorporate fruits and herbs in a rainbow of color options.

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Trifles and Verrines

Trifles and verrines are mini desserts inside a vessel. Layers of flavors, colors and textures fit perfectly in a glass for one.

We use eco-friendly reusable glassware and prefer not to use disposable plastic.